Monday, November 5, 2012

My 6 New Songs

I just returned from Nashville this past week after a great week before that in the Dominican Republic.  One of the questions I get from a lot of fans is when I am going to have new songs posted.  We have been recording completely new songs (6 total) that will be released in the coming months. But the process hasn't been easy.  I've had to travel 8 hours one way each time to record in Nashville.  It takes several days in the studio to record vocals for new music and I have to take breaks so my voice doesn't get overworked. So it takes a lot of work.  But it starts with writing new music.

Writing new music is both easy and hard at the same time.

There are usually two ways to make new music (maybe a third).  If you play an instrument, you can make the melodies and then either write your lyrics or have someone help you write the lyrics.  Or, you can write lyrics and try to make music to match it.  Or, you can find music you like and write lyrics to that.

I like to have music to write lyrics to.  For me, it's easier to hear the vibe of the music and then know what to write for lyrics.  But that isn't always possible for me because I don't play guitar and when I play piano, I don't have the ability to create full music tracks. So, I have to work with producers and musicians to help me finish completing a song.

For example, my latest song I WANT THAT, I actually wrote the lyrics in a few hours and then worked with my producer in New York (The Ground Above) and gave him some piano chord progressions to use as a reference to make the music track for my lyrics.  Then, he created a basic track and we worked together to tweak the lyrics and the music until we got what we think sounds best.

When I've worked in Nashville these past few months, I've been working with Grammy Award winning and Gold and Platinum album winning producers who have been making music for a long time with a lot of artists.  They are teaching me a lot about the process of making new music.  Some of it I understood already, and a lot of it is completely new to me.

I'm excited to get my new music we've been recording in Nashville released so my fans can hear it.  It's been a lot of hard work, but the music and lyrics are the best I've made so far and I think my fans will be happy.