Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Music Videos

I've been making simple videos of me singing cover songs and official music videos of my original music and posting them to my youtube channel since May 2011.

When I film new music videos, it's usually done around my hometown here in Indiana.  My first official music video "BEST FRIENDS" was actually filmed in four different cities within an hour of my house.  Since then, we've filmed them pretty much in my town and the video KNOWING was actually filmed inside my own house for a few scenes.

I'm going to be filming two more music videos in Indiana which will be released in December 2012 on my youtube channel.  One will be of a Christmas song I'm covering and the other is the release of one of my new original songs from my new EP coming out in 2013.

The song is called ONE OF THE KIND and I'm really excited about the video shoot for it.  The song is very upbeat and I really think people will like it.  It was produced by Grammy winner, Jeff Savage, and I really think it will connect with a lot of kids who are going through a tough time with being bullied or hurting because of a home situation.

I've asked for people to volunteer to be an EXTRA in this video and hope we can get as many as possible to be a part of it.

We will be filming on December 2 and December 9 (Sundays) near my hometown of Kendallville, Indiana.

If you know anyone who wants to be an extra in the video, please have them email me at spencer@spencerkanemusic.com for information about it.