Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Third Studio Project "KANE" Releasing July 22, 2016

After ten months of planning and writing in the studio, recording, and a whirlwind joining of Anthem Lights in between, I'm finally ready to release my new full album project titled KANE.

I've shared samples of the songs the past six months on social media and my live video chats with all of you but have only released 3 of the songs from the project publicly. Any of you who have come to the Millennial Tour  this past spring 2016 will have heard many of the new songs on this album. Some of you have purchased the 7 song EP from the new project from my online store but finally you'll get to hear the entire project when it releases on July 22, 2016.

I will be performing that night at SONSHINE FESTIVAL in Somerset Wisconsin just outside Minneapolis, MN. My hope is to have the new full CD available for the merch at that show and every personal concert from then on.

Here's the final playlist from the new CD:
  1. God Stole My Heart
  2. Love A Lil Bit
  3. Diagram
  4. You'll Be Alright ft. Adrion Butler
  5. New Level
  6. Breakthrough
  7. This Is Living ft. Alexis Slifer
  8. Betrayed
  9. We Win
  10. BONUS TRACK: Ghost ft. Izze
  11. BONUS TRACK: Heart Like You -  (Stereodraft EDM Remix)

A quick summary of each song I wrote:

I wrote this one with a lot of inspiration from Michael Jackson and Chris Brown vocals and music. The lyrics really discuss the importance of knowing that when your heart is full of junk and ugly sins, God wants to take that all away from you and replace the void with His love.

Probably the most fun track on my new project, this song gets pretty fun to sing along to because the hook is so easy to remember... the song title. Yes, I do actually rap in this song toward the end, so get ready. The lyrics talk a lot about how the world knows we are Christians by how we show love to one another. People get confused when we choose to love on people instead of judge them or hate them or try to put our religious rules on them. This song is about just LOVING people the way God asks us to.

The last song written for this album but one of my favorites because it has a really laid back and R&B vibe. The lyrics just talk about how sometimes we need God to draw it out for us and reveal His plan in our life.

This is a TURN UP song and is fun in concert. I hope you feel the flow when you listen cause it's like an anthem about stop worrying. God really wants us to know when you trust Him and focus on Him, it will truly be alright.

Most of you have already heard this one and it's probably my favorite vocal track on the project cause it's just so smooth and reminds me of a song you'd play with the top down on your car and just cruisin. When I give in to God and set my will aside, I find that He lifts me up to a new level and puts me in a new setting to represent Him to the world. This song is about being ready to be taken to new levels in Christ.

This song is exciting for me because I wrote 100% of the lyrics and had the great experience to work with Doug from We Are Leo to produce it in Chicago. This song is very Maroon 5 inspired and the lyrics just talk about how we can overcome our past and experience a breakthrough when God is involved in your life. We sometimes have habits and things we cling to instead of God but when we focus on Him, we can experience a breakthrough.

I loved recording this cover of Hillsong Young and Free but having it rearranged like a worship song. The lyrics are truly amazing and it was such a great end result with Alexis singing on the track.

This song was actually written by request of a film maker who considered it for a soundtrack. Unfortunately it wasn't chosen in the end, but I still like the song anyway. It's a bit out of my comfort zone as far as style, but it's a very simple ballad-like worship song that explains the amazing grace of our Lord when we mess up.

This song is probably my favorite LIVE song to perform now because it's just so unique. It's both a Turn Up and Praise and Worship track all in one. The Bible tells us that Jesus causes us to Triumph (win) and sometimes when we are slammed with a trial or major setback in our natural life, we can get discouraged. But the truth is that we should never forget WHO'S team we are on and that in the end... WE WIN.

This song was released a few months back as a free download for the first 100 people to get it. I wrote this song pretty quickly and it just flowed well. The lyrics are metaphorical because once we become forgiven in Christ, we are no longer the person we use to be. That old life is a ghost that no longer lives.

This is a great dance remix of the song from my last album. Nothing changed lyrically, but DJ's will probably like to play this in the clubs.

So that's it. I can't wait for you all to hear the NEW me. KANE is a complete project that represents my current creative flow and how I want to be in the Christian music industry. Most of you don't realize my last album RUNWAY was mostly written and recorded 4 years ago but it took a while to release everything. So many of those songs were when I was 15 years old and a LOT has changed since then in my vocals and music style.

I love you all and thank you for your extreme patience while we worked on this project in between my new passion of being involved with Anthem Lights. God is so good!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Ok, so this has been a crazy year! It's been both emotionally and physically draining. But it's also been amazing. Here's my recap.

  • My song RUNWAY earned #2 Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist Chart rank in January.
  • In February I won the NEXT BIG THING in Christian Music award (here's a vlog about it)
  • Got to perform at my very first PLAYLIST LIVE in Orlando in February.
  • My song RUNWAY had radio play throughout the country (a first for me for radio)
  • Graduated High School in June (thank you Lord)
  • I performed nearly 50 concerts in 2015 including being part of opening for artists like FOR KING AND COUNTRY and NATALIE GRANT.
  • I got to play basketball with my lifelong music idol TOBYMAC. (dream come true)
  • I was cast in my first 2 movies. GOD'S NOT DEAD 2 (April 2016) and CAMP COOL KIDS (Summer 2016).
  • Made my first trip to L.A. for a week and met some amazing industry folks that I'll never forget.
  • Wrote and recorded 11 new original songs which will be released in 2016.
I could probably list a lot more details of stuff that happened during the year, but it would take too long. I'm so thankful to God for my family, friends and amazing #KANEIACS who have shown me so much support. I know 2016 will be incredible and I'm looking forward to sharing some details about new things you all can expect. There are some HUGE projects and announcements that I think you all will be as excited about as I am.


Friday, April 17, 2015


So Billy grew up going to McDonalds with his family. He absolutely loved the Kid's Meals and playing in the indoor playground when he visited the dining room. His family would make a trip through the drive-thru a few times each week and Billy's appetite for McDonald's french fries grew into a passion.

As Billy became a teen, he began experimenting in the kitchen with his own cooking of burgers and fries. His parents were intrigued one day when they smelled the aroma that spread through the house. His dad popped in and asked Billy what he was up to while seeing a basket of home cooked fries laying out on the counter. He sampled one. "Wow. These taste pretty good son. You made these yourself?" Billy nodded. His dad mentioned an upcoming county fair food contest that he should consider entering his food recipe because it was pretty good for a young teen just learning how to cook in the kitchen with no training or classes.

Billy took the chance and entered his best dish along with over 100 other teens in the county. The judges each sampled the entrants food and eventually selected Billy's as the runner up to an older teen who had been cooking for years and had formal training in culinary arts. The 2nd place finish earned him a $100 gift card. Billy was encouraged.

His friends and family were equally impressed and suggested he take his recipe and enter a national cooking contest in the big city next to his small home town. Billy did it. Out of over 120 other cooks Billy was the youngest and, like before, ended up 2nd place out of all of them, with a 27 year old taking first place. The judges praised his ability and skill in culinary arts at such a young age.

Billy was encouraged.

With the help of his parents, Billy asked if he could offer some free samples of his recipe to people from all around to see if the public, too, would appreciate his food. So the family set aside enough money to buy the ingredients and began to help him make up sample size meals that could be reheated and taste like it was fresh from the kitchen. They advertised on social media that he had the free samples available and to his amazement, thousands of people came and tried it out. Many came back throughout the week for more samples because they really liked it.

The family was a bit shocked. What was a casual experiment was looking like a promising future for Billy if he wanted to keep working at it. So, the family decided to focus more on Billy's skills in the kitchen and began to reach out to places beyond their county and state to see how his recipe would fair with other public members. Like before, they loved it. Except this time, the time, investment and people needed to keep up with the demand became quite expensive and the family needed to find several volunteers to aide in the process of simply making the recipe and many more volunteers to help deliver it to the distant locations.

Billy's parents couldn't continue to support providing the samples without having some way to get some sort of return on the investment. So Billy set up a website and offered for the public to buy his recipe for $1 per portion. Some people loved the recipe enough to buy 1, 3, 5 and even 10 portions at a time. But once the free samples were gone and he started charging for it, the demand dropped. Orders were very few.

Billy talked to his dad.

"I don't understand. When we were giving samples away, so many people came and got them and kept coming back. They all told me how much they loved my recipe. We even had a few calls from major restaurant chains in the country asking if I would be interested in coming to work for them as a chef. But now it looks like nobody is buying anymore and I'm not getting those calls," he told his dad.

Billy's dad decided to talk to a few restaurant and food company executives about how Billy could take his recipe and make a career from it. They, like the ones early on, all felt his recipe was unique and they could see how it would be accepted by the mass public. This excited Billy and his family. But when it came down to possibly hiring Billy, none of them offered. A few asked if he'd be willing to give them his recipe for free since they could handle the man power and money it would take to handle the demand that would happen once they announced to the public that Billy's recipe would be available in every city in the country. But Billy's parents refused to let his recipe be taken for free.

One day, Billy was in the local grocery store and saw shelves and shelves of premade food that looked similar and was made from very similar ingredients. It was then that he realized maybe he needed to change his formula a little since it seemed that he had competition that he didn't know about before. Billy tweaked his formula and sent it out as a free sample again.

And again, like the beginning, the public loved it and the demand skyrocketed for free samples. The family felt surely that this time they could keep up. The dad left his job and focused full time helping his son keep up with producing his new and improved recipe. They borrowed money to buy the ingredients and had to hire a few part time employees to help keep up with the deliveries since the volunteers they had from before were burnt out and not able to help again.

The newspaper and several culinary magazines did a few articles about Billy's recipe and his popularity spread around the country and even overseas. The internet and social media helped him find new potential customers for his recipe. However, the followers and friends on social media also loved the recipes of a few other young chefs like Billy and because those others were also just starting out and giving away their recipes for free, Billy was unable to convince most of them to buy his recipe when there were so many others willing to give theirs for free.

Billy was frustrated.

One day the phone rang and The Food Channel was calling and asking if Billy would be willing to feature on their weekly TV show "YOUNG CHEFS". Billy was shocked but humbled they would even consider him. His parents researched it and saw it as a great opportunity to show the whole country why his recipe was good. Surely, then, the viewers of the show would become customers for Billy's recipe.

Billy was still in school and doing his best to balance being a student and trying to work on becoming the best young chef in the country knowing the TV would give him the exposure. He worked it out with his school to finish his classes online so he could focus full time on making his recipe and traveling to the TV show. He left his friends and family and had to learn how to focus on his cooking more than what normal teens would be doing. The family supported him but they had since lost so much money they weren't sure how to keep his dream alive. The cost of travel and the ingredients and being on the TV show weren't possible to cover from his mom's job alone and the TV show wasn't offering him a paid role, but just all the exposure. It was their way of justifying not paying him or covering his expenses.

Before long, Billy's popularity became even more than ever before. Billy's Recipe became well known.

One evening, Billy's dad sat him down to explain that in order for Billy to continue trying to be a chef, he would need to find a way for his ingredients and travel to the TV show to be paid. Billy was doing all he could to finish his classes, be in the kitchen and still send out free samples to keep people interested in his recipe. He had already tried many times to ask the public to buy his recipe, but each time, they refused.

So Billy had to make a decision.

He would either pray his dream of becoming a chef which could support the costs for ingredients and the staff it would take to make the recipe would miraculously happen, or he would have to go get a job that would not allow him the time to make his recipe anymore.


This is what it's like to be an artist in the music industry.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So this new album has 5 songs never released until this album and 5 songs that had previously been released as an EP before.

Two songs, SONG FOR LOVE and RUNWAY, were the most Pop R&B sounding that I released. However, there are two other songs I've not really talked about except at concerts.


This song is actually a cover song that was originally released in 2010 and written by the great producer Chuck Butler (who also recomposed the song for me and recorded with me at Sony in Nashville). The lyrics seem to be obvious if you listen, but they were impacting to me because I know a lot of people use words to hurt one another or to get back at each other in arguments. Especially on the internet, I find a lot of times when people comment or post words, they can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. I think it's sad that we don't choose to find words of encouragement and try to use our ability to speak LOVE instead of hate. Martin Luther King Jr. has been quoted a lot recently with his official holiday and also the movie SELMA that came out the past month. He used words to encourage, challenge and bring light to injustice. But sometimes people use words to bring about harsh judgment, hatred, insults and things that are not from a place of LOVE. I like this song for a few reasons. It's music arrangement is pretty good to dance to and the lyrics actually are important to me to share with other teens and young adults. Our words can either be fruit or poison, we can always choose what we say. Nobody but us is in control of our words.


This song is the first one I wrote that was intended to be more of a worship style and has lyrics that talk about how easy it is to get so caught up in your own life that you forget there are people around you that may be going through something equally or worse than you think you are. Having a heart which is focused on others and their well being is something we should all be focused to do. Our choices should be to care and love on others versus being self focused. The bridge of the song lyrics is my personal prayer about having a fire inside of me that takes over and oozes LOVE toward others. That's where I want to make sure I don't get so self-focused that I overlook the hurting ones around me. I like this music arrangement because it is still pop R&B but more laid back.

This album has been helpful to build my confidence and skill as an artist and song writer, but I always want to make sure that the reason why I choose to include certain songs or lyrics in my music can be something I share outside the paper sleeve in the CD case which has them printed out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spencer Kane Street Team


So my marketing team is asking me to help find dedicated #kaneiacs to become members of my official street team.

What does that mean? Here is their explanation...

Well here's the volunteer role of a street team member: *minimal requirement 
  • Have a creative mind for helping develop new and exciting ways to promote Spencer Kane.
  • Be anywhere in the world, but prefer that you speak English fluently. 
  • *Have access to social media and the internet through wifi or mobile access 24/7.
  • *Have a skype account with a functional video camera to be involved in team meetings.
  • Have a TWITTER, FACEBOOK, VINE and INSTAGRAM account. 
  • *Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to working on social media or projects for Spencer's promotion
  • Sharing and posting about stuff happening with Spencer (concerts, new music, contests, public appearances, etc.)
  • Finding new #kaneiacs by introducing them to his music.
  • Earn free Spencer Kane merchandise as well as exclusive private video chats with him and the other street team members
  • Be willing to volunteer at any Spencer Kane event in your area (within 2 hours) to help at his merch table or to do other things to support him when he is nearby.
  • Be able to keep secrets of future events and plan with the marketing team director on how they will be communicated to the public
  • Be willing to participate in publicity videos or promotions on camera as may be needed.
  • Be willing to positively represent Spencer's brand by having respectful public social media conduct. This simply means you are not posting inappropriate content or communicating negatively to others. Bullying or any other form of rude behavior while being a member of the street team will not be tolerated. Spencer works hard to be a positive teen in what he does and his street team must also be positive.
  • Own all current Spencer Kane music as a sign of true #kaneiac status. 
  •  Have full parental permission to stay involved in the street team (if under 18).
We will be asking the street team (THE KANE TRAIN) to work on projects for Spencer's career. We are accepting applications to join the KANE TRAIN. 
After carefully considering the member requirements, please send an email with a subject title of "KANE TRAIN MEMBER" to info@spencerkanemusic.com. Please include your city and state, age and links to your social media accounts AND SKYPE NAME. Someone will respond to you asap.
Well I hope you will join in. I'm excited to have you be a part of it and look forward to meeting each of you.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Teen Artist, Spencer Kane, Nominated for Next Big Thing Award

Kendallville, IN – December 5, 2014

18 year old singer and actor, Spencer Kane, has been nominated in the Next Big Thing
category for the 2015 We Love Christian Music Awards (www.WeLoveAwards.com).

This is the third overall award nomination for Spencer since 2012 and 2013 when he
was competing for Best Pop Artist at the All Indie Music Awards in Los Angeles. As a
first time nominee at the We Love Christian Music Awards, he will be competing against
four other emerging artists, but is unique in that most are adult groups.

“Being a teen artist in the Christian music industry is pretty uncommon, so to be
nominated means that my music must be making some noise out there,” stated
Spencer. “I’ve been working hard creating music and touring the past two years and
this is kind of a stamp of approval to be noticed this way. I’m honored,” he added.

Essential Records and iShine founder, Robert Beeson, commented, "It is rare to come
across an artist that fills such a huge, huge hole in our industry. It is rarer still to find
one who has all the elements needed to fill that hole and more importantly also has a
sincere heart for the younger generation that obviously are resonating with his music.
Spencer deserves the attention that is coming his way and this nomination is testimony
to thousands of fans he is reaching."

Spencer released his second studio project titled “Runway” in September 2014 with
tracks produced by Grammy winner Tyshane (“Gravity” by Lecrae in 2013) and
multi-platinum and Dove Award winners, Jeff Savage and Chuck Butler. It was his first
full length album and features the title track “Runway”, which is gaining national
attention on Hot AC format Christian radio as well as many online stations. His music
and live show resonate with youth who love Pop R&B combined with choreographed
dance while maintaining a lyrical message based on his Christian faith. Having spent
2014 touring around the U.S. and performing over 40 concerts while maintaining his
high school class work, he will add more dates to his calendar in 2015 with two
different tours and several festivals.

The We Love Christian Music Awards are given to the artist with the most fan support in
each category through a voting portal at the awards website. Winners are announced
during the February tour of The Rock and Worship Roadshow in 2015.

Indiana based, Spencer Kane (www.spencerkanemusic.com), has been writing and
performing music publicly since 2010. His debut single “Best Friends” was released in
May 2011. In June 2012, he joined the cast of the TV sitcom iShine Knect on the TBN
Network as a regular character as well as the iShine Live music tour each Spring and
Fall. He is currently working on new music and filming music videos to support his
newly released album, “Runway”. He has been asked to join The Millennial Tour
(www.TheMillennialTour.com) in 2015 as well as continue his role on the iShine sitcom
and tour.

VOTE HERE (toward the end of the voting ballot):

- END -

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Although I released it as a single earlier this year, FAVAH is one of my personal FAVAH-rites. (not funny... ok, sorry).

I co-wrote the song with one of my music mentors, Jor'Dan Armstrong. Jor'Dan's music has influenced me for a few years and being able to work with him on three of the tracks on the RUNWAY album was quite amazing. He and his production partner, Tedy P, were amazing to work with in the studio. Jor'Dan likes to sit with a track and just wait to see what God gives us for melodies and improving lyrics. I usually write out lyrics to a song and then when working with Jor'Dan, we get in the vocal booth in the studio and just see what happens. It's kind of weird at first because it really isn't singing actual words into the mic, but more like "Da da da" or "La La La" or some vocal mumbles that are similar to words but not really words.

It's the same process used by a lot of famous artists and I'd never known it until one of my producers in Nashville shared this Michael Jackson studio session for his song Billy Jean. Notice how the verses have fragments of words but mostly just gibberish in place where words would go eventually. It's the process to learn a melody or experiment with a melody. It's odd when you first do it, but since I've done it, it's how I actually work best in the studio with my songs. A lot of times I end up changing a lyric or entire sentence in the lyrics after playing with melodies like this.

I have some video footage of us doing this in the studio with Favah and Song For Love, but nothing I can share (unfortunately).

Anyway, this blog was to share a little insight into how I recorded Favah and we developed the melody and words. It's like I knew what I wanted to have initially, a song about how thankful I am to God for giving me favor and blessings all the time, but how we actually wrote the verses and chorus was something different than I'd ever done before. I ended up using the same method on Song For Love and Runway with Jor'Dan in the studio and I think it just gives a lot more authentic artistry than having a sheet music or just working out a melody on a keyboard. It's like how I get creative in writing new music and songs.

So now you know.