Monday, October 28, 2013


Ok, so I'm still trying to make new music this fall. I have already committed to making 9 new songs and will still be doing covers once in a while.

The hard part about making new music is that to make it sound like radio quality, you have to hire people to produce and engineer it. That costs a lot of money. I know I've asked you all to help me, but it has been tough to be a student, have a job and try to raise money to keep doing new music. Some people think when you get popular on the internet that somehow you just have a lot of money and stuff. Unless I sell my music or raise donations to record new music, I can't keep doing what I love to do.

So I'm hoping when I have concerts this winter that you all come out and support me so I can keep making new music.

So far, I have the following songs written:





and have five other songs being worked on.

The cool part is that I have the opportunity to record some of these songs with some other great artists helping.

Please check out the music of:

Jor'Dan Armstrong (especially the song "I'm Down")

George Moss (especially the song "Hand's Up")

D-Tropp (especially the song "Misbehave")

Johnnie Rep (our new collab "Falling, For You")

And of course I will keep doing music with Street Scholar.

So that's my update on new music.