Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 STUFF

Wow. It's been a long time since I wrote a blog.

So, for this year so far it's been pretty busy. I know it's already almost April and things have been just flying fast. So this is the stuff that's happened so far this year.


  • Got stuck in a winter storm in Chicago when trying to fly to Nashville for the TV taping of Season 5 for iShine Knect. I was there like 36 hours before I could leave. Had to get a hotel room by myself. Annoying but it was a first experience for me.
  • Filmed the live concert footage for Season 5 of the show with two of my new songs "SPEAK LOVE" and "HEART LIKE YOU". Those won't be seen until like late this year or 2015. lol

  • Drove to Iowa and South Dakota for 6 concerts in one week. It was a lot of fun.
  • Flew to Nashville for pre-production rehearsals for the iShine Spring tour.
  • Had first weekend concerts in St Louis and Oklahoma


  • Finished up the iShine Spring tour on March 10 and finally got to come back home to rest a little.
  • Finished recording #FAVAH in the studio and filming the rest of the official music video for it.
  • Started writing new music for 2 more songs I'm releasing this year. (SOOO EXCITED ABOUT THESE)

Ok, so one of my fav things to do is work on new music and in the studio. I have one new song that is going to be KILLER and I absolutely can't wait until it's done. You guys are going to freak when you hear it. It's like probably my fav music track of all songs I've ever done and the song will be FUN. Think of the song HAPPY by Pherel combined with TREASURE by Bruno Mars combined with some awesome EDM.... and you're there. lol

#FAVAH is going to be released in April on iTunes and as an official music video.

I'm SOOO stoked about performing at the concert in Cincinnati on April 4. Mike, my backup dancer, is injured, so that stinks he can't perform with me this time. 


May 10 I'll be performing live in NEW ORLEANS at the Joy Theater on Canal Street. It's a great opportunity as I will be co-headlining with some other main artists. So excited.

Well that's about the latest update I can give you guys.

Send me some emails and tell me about what's happening. SPENCER@SPENCERKANEMUSIC.COM