Monday, January 2, 2017


The street team has been working together since early 2014 and we've had a great success in the closest of my fans helping me with a lot of things in my career. More importantly, we have a true family that have become my inner circle, and I'm so grateful.

My career has grown over time and so has the effort of the street team. We need more volunteers to keep up to speed with the many projects that happen.

There's basically TWO ways you can help by joining. The first is called our


  • Have a creative mind for helping develop new and exciting ways to promote Spencer Kane.
  • Be anywhere in the world, but must speak English fluently. 
    • Have access to social media and the internet through wifi and mobile phone access 24/7.
    • Have a skype account with a functional video camera to be involved in team meetings from time to time.
    • Have a TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, and SKYPE account. Must also have access to iTunes, Spotify and/or Apple Music. 
      • Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to working on projects assigned by the team leader.
      • Sharing and posting about stuff happening with Spencer (concerts, new music, contests, public appearances, etc.) on social media platforms.
      • Finding new #kaneiacs by introducing them to his music and asking them to participate in social postings from time to time.
      • Earn free Spencer Kane merchandise as well as exclusive private video chats with him and the other street team members
      • Be willing to volunteer at any Spencer Kane event in your area (within 2 hours) to help at his merch table or to do other things to support him when he is nearby.
      • Be willing to be 100% NINJA secretive about being on the team. Simply, you don't talk publicly about things discussed in the inner circle unless asked to do so by the team leader. Not even tell people you're part of his team if you're added.
      • Be willing to participate in publicity videos or promotions on camera as may be needed.
      • Your social media should be free of negative or immoral content or words. We want positive representation as Spencer tries to be positive in his career.
      • Know all Spencer's music.
      • Must be at least 18 years old.
      •  Projects involve working online and reporting results to various team leaders. Projects vary and are assigned when the need arises.
      B - TEAM


      • Must have TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, SKYPE and access to iTunes, Spotify and/or Apple Music.
      • Must be willing to use your social accounts to post about Spencer and any specific post topics as assigned by the street team leader.
      • Daily minimum time commitment is not as essential as A-TEAM, but checking your skype daily for updated instructions will be essential.  
      • Have full parental permission to stay involved in the street team (if under 18). Requires a parent or guardian to contact giving permission in writing. 

      After carefully considering the TWO options to join the street team, please send an email with a subject title of "KANE TRAIN MEMBER TEAM A (or B)" to Please include your city and state, age and links to your social media accounts AND SKYPE NAME. Someone will respond to you asap.