Monday, November 12, 2012

A Day in My Life

Sometimes I get asked about why I don't respond to messages or am not on Skype as much as I want to be.  So, I figured I'd share how I spend my days.


Ok. So I go to a public high school and I'm in 10th grade.  I take AP classes to prepare for college, so my homework load can get pretty heavy at times.  I have to take these classes if I expect to get into a college after I graduate high school.  I would like to play basketball in college if I can, so it's even more important for my grades to be high so I can be considered for scholarships for education as well as sport.  The school I attend is in the next county, so I have to travel about 25 minutes one way to get there each morning.  I don't ride a bus unless I go to my cousin's house after school sometimes. My cousin and I are the same grade and we have a few classes together.

When I travel for music, I miss school days. So I have to take homework with me when I travel or make up homework when I get back.


I have been playing basketball since age 4 and baseball since age 7.  Until 2012, I played both school sports and travel sports. I was on a travel basketball and baseball team and went to a lot of tournaments and played a lot of games away from my hometown and in other states. So I've always traveled for at least sports, and now music.  However, now that music is taking more of my time, I stopped playing travel basketball and baseball starting this new school year. In fact, I won't be playing baseball for travel or school. So, I've chosen to just focus on basketball.  I will play travel basketball again after the school season and through the summer when I'm not doing music stuff.

So, basketball season isn't about just practices and games at school 6 days a week. I also have personal workouts at my local YMCA and do my own strength and conditioning year round. I lift weights, run, do speed and agility workouts and play scrimmages year round for basketball.  So, sports is a big part of what I do all year round and basketball is something I can play indoors no matter what the weather is like.

I have been contacted by several colleges already about playing basketball for them and have no formal offers yet (I'm only a sophomore). But I hope to see some offers happening after this season.


I still have to do my part of chores around home, so that takes time every day and on weekends. I do laundry, clean the kitchen, mow the yard, vacuum, and pretty much whatever else needs to be done between my mom and dad and I.  I cook sometimes too, so that takes time.


Aside from chilling in the MAN CAVE (our basement), I hang with friends once in a while when I have time. I also spend some time doing bible study stuff with my family.  I try to have time to go to school dances or other social events when I can.  I play XBOX with friends online too.  I have a dog and we hang out every day.  I have no brothers or sisters, so it's pretty much just mom and dad and I and my dog. I only text a few people I know from my school and area... so even texting isn't very often.


This is the most involved part of my life next to sports and school.  I practice new songs at home, record some at home, and of course, have to keep the travel schedule to record in Nashville and do the TV show with iShine when we're recording there. I also have to take time to do VLOGS on my youtube channel.  Besides that, I tweet, answer facebook messages and try to spend time SKYPING with friends and fans. Then there's the interviews from time to time, performances, and song writing that takes focus and time to do. It's a lot.


I also work for my dad's marketing company. I am a production assistant for him when he has photography clients or video projects.  I basically lug around the equipment and set up lights and things like that. Once in a while he lets me run a camera, but mostly I just plug in cords, run wires, and stuff like that. I get paid for this so I can have some spending money.

So, as you can see, it's like every minute of every day, 7 days a week, I'm doing something. So, sorry if some of you don't understand why I can't reply so quick, but hopefully you do now.