Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meeting Fans

I think that what is most amazing to me is the fan support I get online and at my performances.  It's very humbling to know that something I enjoy doing makes so many people happy.  I had no idea a couple years ago that things would be so cool right now.  I'm traveling, performing, making music videos, recording in Nashville with amazing producers, meeting other amazing artists and music industry people, and I'm realizing God has a plan for me.

Every time I get an instant message or email from a fan, it's special.  I've made great close friendships online through Twitter and SKYPE and Youtube and Facebook.  It's weird how the internet lets me have friends all over the world and how me just singing in the bathtub when I was younger kind of started a lot of this happening.

St. Louis - Six Flags October 2012
There are some fans (friends) who have shared some struggles they are going through and I have had the chance to pray with them and encourage them to hold on.  There's been fans that have done the same for me and with me.

Meeting people for the first time is awkward sometimes, but I know it's probably awkward for them too. It's like they see SPENCER KANE, this singer guy, and I really hope they just see Spencer, this teen guy who is just like them going to school, playing sports or other hobbies and hanging out with friends when they can.

Thank you for supporting me and believing in me. Your encouragement is what helps me know I'm moving in the right direction.