Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey guys!

Sometimes I am entered into competitions where I need a lot of fan support / votes to help me to place or win.

In the past two years I have been nominated for Best Pop Artist for the AI Music Awards Show in Hollywood, CA. I've also been included in the Stars of Tomorrow radio show Top 5 and Top 10 artist each month. These are just a few contests where fan votes really make a difference in if I win or not.

Well, right now I'm in a contest on and I need to be able to finish in the top 3 to win, and hopefully in first.

Voting goes until like the end of April 2013, so I really need your help.

If I win this contest, I will be featured live in concert in Nashville for two nights and also be featured on Nashville Now TV show for like a month as a featured 1/2 hour show.

I've been in first place several times, but I think the other artists on the site have fans that are also trying to help them win.

Here's what I need you to do:

  1. Please register as a FAN on the site
  2. Once you're registered, go to the contest page
  3. Find my profile photo and click on it
  4. Rate my INTRO video using the number scale below the video (1-10)
  5. Then you'll see my other music videos on the right side of the page
  6. Click each of the remaining videos and use the sliders to the right of the video to vote for my videos. Each slider can go up to 100.
  7. Become a fan of me on there
  8. Once you are done voting for my videos, you can then go vote for other artists.
  9. Remember, the higher the vote rating for me, the better. While you're there, vote for others too.
  10. Tell all your friends to please register and vote for me too.
  11. You can only vote 1 time per registration. You can't vote many times a day or even once a day. Just one time per registration.
I will find out on May 3 if I have won.

Please help me win!!!

#KANEiacs #KaneTrain