Thursday, February 28, 2013


So some of you know I have a dog. His name is MAC and I've had him since I was 7 years old. His birthday is one day before mine, October 25. He will be 10 this year. Hard to believe he will be that old.

Mac is so smart. He is also so dumb sometimes.

I know I tweet about him once in a while, so you probably know about him from there too. Like this picture is from Instagram and some of you have seen him on there too.

So, when I was 6, I was saving for a legit bicycle. I lived in Florida and some of the boys I knew had cool bikes. I had a bike, a garage sale bike my parents found. But I wanted a "real" bike. One that was like the ones in XGames.

So I started saving all my money from birthdays and holidays and stuff and asked my grandparents to help me out too. I had saved up $200 and I was going to go to the bike shop in our town and get a real bike. I didn't want the bike from Walmart, I wanted one of the "real" bikes. lol

Then my mom and dad said I could get a dog.

I am allergic to pet hair so we couldn't get a dog or cat that had hair that shed. So we looked for a poodle. We searched all around one day and went to like 4 different places to look at puppies. Finally, after driving a long way from home into the country, we figured we'd try one last place. I remember trying to find their house cause they told us that when we came to the HOUSE in the middle of the highway, we had to turn at the next road. There really was a house in the middle of the highway. It was so weird. It was like they built the highway around both sides of the house cause the people wouldn't move away or something. It was like in the middle green grass area between the 4 lane highway.

Anyway, we found the house and the litter of puppies. There were 2 females and one male left. The two females were like clawing and jumping to get to me, but there he was just sitting in the corner of the pen by himself. He looked so lonely and had like no energy at all. I picked him up and he like tried to snuggle cause he was cold.  He was the one.

I named him MAC because at the time I LOVED TobyMac's music and Tracy McGrady as a basketball player who was called T-MAC.  So it made sense to name my dog Mac.

Well, I spent the $200 of my bike money to buy Mac. All $200 was needed to buy him.

My mom and dad were so amazed I would give up my dream of that "real" bike to buy the dog that they saved some money and bought me a bike anyway.  It wasn't the real bike from a bike shop, but I don't even remember really what kind of bike it was. I just know that ever since I bought Mac, he's been my little brother.

Mac and I play hide and seek in the house. I'm being completely serious. I will tell him to stay in one room while I go hide anywhere in the house. Then when I'm completely hidden, I yell for him to come find me. He goes from room to room sniffing and whimpering. He will like sneak slowly into a room and sniff my trail and look behind doors and stuff. I'm not joking. He literally searches for me from room to room. He even runs to my parents to see if they know where I am. They just tell him to go find me. When I know he is in the room and about to find me, I jump out and scare him with a roar and he barks and runs away. Then we start again.

Mac can talk. He says MAMA. He does tricks and actually knows what to do when I tell him to go to his cage or go get mama or daddy. Even my friends that come over love Mac. He is so smart. So, I may be an only child, but really, Mac is like my brother and my parents treat him like a kid sometimes. He still acts like a puppy and plays with me and we wrestle once in a while. It's funny, because he tries to protect me from my mom or dad when we make him think I'm being attacked by them. Mom will jump on me on the floor and start wrestling me and Mac will go crazy barking and start biting my mom's arms to keep them from touching me. He doesn't bite hard but he like tries to pull her off of me. He does the same to my dad when he starts pulling on my legs or something. Mac is like a guard dog. I will have to video this some day so I can put it in my vlog. He even SKYPES with me when I'm on the road. My mom puts him on SKYPE and I talk to him.

I guess you know that I love my dog and hope you guys now know a little more about MAC. :)